What makes good online learning?

By Jhoanna Gonzales Miners, MA This Fall, I took the course Online Learning Environments at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) Continuing & Professional Learning (University of Toronto). Our course began with the assertion that “One thing that a lot of people forget with eLearning is that it is still learning.” (Christian, 2020).Continue reading “What makes good online learning?”

Création d’espaces courageux (ressources supplémentaires) | Creating Brave Spaces (Additional Resources)

Les ressources supplémentaires suivantes ont été développées pour soutenir le projet Créer des espaces courageux: compétences d’intervention des témoins pour changer les cultures de travail.

The following additional resources have been developed to support the project Creating Brave Spaces: Bystander Intervention Skills for Shifting Work Cultures.